Sunday, May 14, 2017

Science Alive 11.5.17

For Inquiry we are learning about Water. Science Alive came to visit to teach us all about water.

We learnt about how water is absorbed and repelled.
One of these shirts repels the water and the other absorbs it.

The water is absorbed into the flower and the petals open up.

We learnt that some objects sink and others float. It was a lot of fun experimenting with the objects.

We learnt about how water can be turned to a solid and into a gas.

The water in the themos is hot and it created steam. The ice in our hands was a solid and it began to melt in our hands making a liquid.

We learnt about clean and dirty water and how it can be filtered.

We tried to filter the water.

We tasted the difference between salt water and fresh water. The salt water was not very nice.

We had a great day learning about water!

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