Tuesday, April 11, 2017

St John Visit 11.4.17

On Tuesday the 11th of April St John came to visit us at school. The little ambulance came with them.

We learnt what the emergency services are.
There is the Ambulance, Police and Fire Department.

We discussed the jobs the Police, Ambulance and Fire Engines might come to.

We also learnt the number to call if there was an emergency.


We went through what the phone operator would ask us...

"Fire, Police or Ambulance"

"What is your address?"

"What is your phone number?"

"Tell me what happened..."

"Thank you, An ambulance is on its way."

Ruby got to pretend she was on the phone to the emergency service operator. 

Then we all got to practise calling "111" and talking to the operator. 

After we practised calling "111" we had a look at was in the ambulance.

This goes on your finger and checks Oxygen Saturation. We all got to try it on our finger and it didn't hurt a bit.

There was also a stethoscope to listen to our hearts.
There was also an oxygen tank. We got to see how the medicine came out.

They put on the lights and the siren. It was very loud.

We heard a story about another kid calling for emergency services.

We got given a sticker, information guide and a label to go on the fridge with all our details on in case we need to call the emergency services.

We had a lot of fun learning about the Emergency services.

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